8mm & Super 8 Films

Converted to MP4 or DVD

(Silent Movie Film Only)


.30¢ (a foot) HD (1024 x 768)


  • 3 inch reel (50 ft.) to HD (1024 x 768)$15.00
  • 4 inch reel (100 ft.) to HD (1024 x 768)$30.00
  • 5 inch reel (200 ft.) to HD (1024 x 768)$60.00
  • 6 inch reel (300 ft.) to HD (1024 x 768)$90.00
  • 7 inch reel (400 ft.) to HD (1024 x 768)$120.00

How to figure film footage

Most film reels have feet footage markers on one side.

You could also use a tape measure or ruler to measure the size of the film reel.


Please include a title for your film conversion. Example; "Johnson Family Memories" or "Smith Family Films".

Number the film reels or they will be transferred in random order.

All films are converted at our Orem, Utah location.


Shipping your films to:

Channell Media

563 N  355 W

Orem, Utah 84057


Place your films into a sturdy box with packing material.

Be sure to use a shipping company that can track your package.

Please call 801-787-4809 if you have any questions.


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