Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to process my order?

Turn-around time depends on the size of the order and time of year.

October , November and December are very busy so get your orders in early. Turn-around time is usually under 4 weeks.


What is your shipping policy?

Channell Media is not responsible for items lost or damaged during shipping. 

Place your conversion project into a sturdy box with packing material.

Be sure to use a shipping company that can track your package.


Do you archive a copy of my project in case I need additional copies later?

No. It is not standard procedure to archive your project.


What if I don't know the correct order / sequence of my the items im sending for conversion?

If you don't know the order / sequence they will be converted in random order. If you do know the sequence / order please mark them with a permanent marker. (ie. 1,2,3, etc.)


Is there anything Channell Media won't convert to digital?

Yes, Channell Media will NOT convert the following: Adult Films or Videos, Offensive or Pornographic images, and all Copyrighted Materials.  If we receive any of these items they will NOT be converted and will be returned to you immediately.


Can you convert PAL or SECAM videotapes?

Yes, we can convert VHS tapes recorded in the PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N and SECAM formats.


Will I get the items I send to you back?

Yes, We will always return your original items back to you.


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