Transfer your videos to DVD

video tapes

       Your old videotapes are deteriorating with each passing year.

       Videotapes are made of magnetic material with a binder and base.

       Over time the binder that holds the magnetic material to the base breaks down.

       This can make the image look fuzzy or snowy and can cause shedding and dropouts.

       Let Channell Media transfer your old videotapes to DVD so you can enjoy your family memories

       for years to come.

       VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, S-VHS, MiniDV, Video-8, Betamax, Umatic, Betacam SP, DVCAM and Digital 8



Preserve your treasured memories captured on 8mm and Super 8 film

8mm film reelOver time movie film breaks down, causing the colors to fade and the film to become dry and brittle.      

Super 8 film reelTransferring your films to a digital format will preserve special moments captured long ago.

   Our transferring process includes cleaning your films and repairing old splices.

     Underexposed footage and leader are removed and the color and brightness 

    are adjusted to their optimal settings.



 Convert your old 35mm slides to JPEG 

35mm slides  Are your family memories stored away in some box in the basement. 

  Many families captured their special moments on 35mm slides.

  Viewing these involved setting up the slide projector and screen with a hope the bulb didn't burn out.

We can transfer your 35mm slides to the JPEG image format.  Which is most commonly used for digital photography.